My Faith Statement

Small Groups:

We value doing life together.  We believe that many well intending believers never get the blessings of entering into authentic relationships in their Church experience.  It is for this reason we stress the importance of being involved in a small group.  Our small groups aren’t intended to be a deep place of theological training; in fact we think they are supposed to be family, the people that you “do life with.”  Your small group is made up of other like-minded believers that serves each other just like the members of a family would, helping one another, eating together, studying the Word, encouraging each other and fighting to keep relationship with one another in the midst of all that life throws at us.  Furthermore our small group leaders serve as the pastors of this church, while pastor Brad teaches us the scriptures on Sunday morning we believe that small group leaders who are involved in the day to day lives of our people are far better equipped to pastor the needs of the church.  For this reason we want for every person who attends Forerunner Fellowship to find a small group that fits them so that they have peer relationships as well as pastoral care.  Think of your small group as your spiritual family and your small group leader as your pastor.  Small groups provide the necessary aspects of community, accountability, and mentoring that are so crucial to discipleship.