About Us

We Express Church in Three Ways:

We believe that Church isn’t a place you go, it’s who we are as followers of Jesus Christ together before the Lord.  While buildings are helpful we are the Church wherever we may be, whether the lunchroom, the breakroom or the living room.  The Church is called to be in unity with one another (Jn. 17:23), to pray always (Lk. 18:1) and to advance the Kingdom of God in our generation (Mt. 6:9-10).  As part of His Church we want to provide the context for people to flourish in community, in a lifestyle of prayer and in discipleship.  We believe that we do this best by expressing “Church” in three primary ways. We fondly refer to this simply as 1, 2, 3.  Click on an expression below to learn more about it.

Sunday Expression

Small Groups

Sacred Trust

Distinct Flavor of Our Fellowship:

Our congregation is made up of mostly young adults and families with young children all doing life togather.  We're a lot of fun, we are playful, we eat cookies after service, we are serious about the Bible, serious about relationships and serious about prayer.  It is our conviction that as we embrace these three expressions as a congregation we will be well balanced and mature in our walk with Jesus.  As a result we encourage our people to participate in all three of these expressions and we recognize that our convicitons may not be the right fit for everyone.  Our church has a specific flavor, a flavor that we feel very strongly that the Lord gave to us, and so it’s okay with us that we may not be the right fit for everyone, we just want to fulfill our small role in His Church.