Small Groups


Authentic relationships are central to what it means to be the Church; at FF we really value having people to walk together with through the ups and downs of life.  Many believers are lonely and lack authentic relationships; this is why we place great emphasis on being part of a small group.  These groups aren’t for theological training, they’re family; the people that you do life with.  They’re made up of normal people like you that are learning to serve each other like family.  They help one another and eat together; they encourage each other and fight to keep their relationships strong in the midst of all that life throws at us.  Our small group leaders are the heroes of our church. They are the ones involved in the day-to-day lives of our people and through these invaluable relationships they are uniquely equipped to pastor the needs of those they lead.
To Join a Small Group: 
Contact our church administrator

Luke Fredenberg



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