The Way We Express Church:

We believe that Church isn’t a place you go, it’s who we are as followers of Jesus Christ together before the Lord.  While buildings are helpful we are the Church wherever we may be, whether the lunchroom, the breakroom or the living room.  The Church is called to be in unity with one another (Jn. 17:23), to pray always (Lk. 18:1) and to advance the Kingdom of God in our generation (Mt. 6:9-10).  As part of His Church we want to provide the context for people to flourish in community, in a lifestyle of prayer and in discipleship.

We look forward to our weekly time together as a family where each of us can use our gifts, strengths and life experiences to benefit others in our congregation.  For us Sunday mornings are an opportunity to be together and see what ways the Holy Spirit wants to use us to give to, receive from and serve one another.  Additionally, when we come together we want the Word of God preached because it is the foundation of our faith, the basis of all that we believe and the instruction manual for our life together.  FF Sunday mornings are a sweet time of worship, Bible instruction, ministry time and fellowship together.  We want for our time together on Sundays to be everyone’s favorite part of the week, the thing that we look forward to all week long and we’d like to invite you to be part of that with us this Sunday morning.


We believe that authentic relationships are central to what it means to be the Church; at FF we really value having people to walk together through the ups and downs of life with.  Many believers are lonely and lack authentic relationships; this is why we place great emphasis on being part of a FF small group.  These groups aren’t for theological training, they’re family; they’re the people you do life with.  Our small groups are made up of young adults just like you who are learning to serve each other like a family.  They help one another and eat together; they encourage each other and fight to keep their relationships strong in the midst of all that life throws at us.  Our small group leaders are the heroes of our church. They are the ones involved in the day-to-day lives of our people and through these invaluable relationships they are uniquely equipped to pastor the needs of those they lead.  


We think prayer is essential to the life of every believer and that by having actual prayer lives we're far better off as individuals and as a community.  We see that believers with deep, meaningful, regular connection times with Jesus hear His voice better, love Him more, strive to live godly lives and more readily give themselves to serve God’s purposes above their own.  We approach the subject of discipleship with all this in mind and so we strive to be a community that prays together as part of our lifestyle.  We are blessed to have a deep relationship with a house of prayer in the Arlington area (The Prayer Room) where we can do just that.  We partner with them by having our people each pick a weekly prayer time there to spend reaching for Jesus and trying to develop actual prayer lives.


Our Distinct Flavor:
Our family is made up of mostly young adults and families with young children.  We do life together, we're a lot of fun, we're playful and sometimes ridiculous, we eat donuts before service, we are serious about the Bible, serious about relationships and serious about really knowing Jesus and following Him wherever He may lead.  We believe that doing life together this way creates a well balanced environment for us to mature in our walks with Jesus and really enjoy life together.  So we strongly encourage all of our Forerunner Family to serve together, walk together and prayer together.  This is our flavor, the thing that the Lord gave us as our part in His Church and we'd love to invite you to run with us as we pursue Him together!

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