Prayer (The Sacred Trust)

The Sacred Trust:

Jesus said in Matthew 21:13 that the Church will become identified primarily as a house of prayer before He returns.  Right now the Church is a house of many good things (teaching, outreach, discipleship) but it would not be accurate to label it a house of prayer, at least not yet.  As a congregation we are seeking to change that however and so we ask that everyone who is part of Forerunner Fellowship in any way sign up for at least one weekly corporate prayer meeting.  Rather than start additional prayer meetings where we meet we have decided to partner with a local para-church ministry called The Prayer Room.  They serve the region by hosting corporate prayer meetings seven days a week.  They call their prayer schedule “The Sacred Trust” because they ask that people make a sacred commitment to prayer at whatever time frame works best for your schedule each week – we like that.  We want for every person who attends Forerunner Fellowship to sign up for at least one of these prayer meetings over at The Prayer Room.  The Sacred Trust provides the context for some often neglected aspects of discipleship; it serves to strengthen us in our inner man, it provides us a place grow in a life of prayer as well as it works on areas of our character like faithfulness, patience and self-control.